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Church History

The Bible Baptist Church was organized in the home of Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Tumlinson, at 215 Axtell Street, on July 22, 1952, at which time Rev. George Schoff was called as pastor.  They met in the Johnson Funeral Home until 1954 when they relocated toWest 7th Street.  Bro. Schoff remained pastor until 1955 at which time Tommy Duniho became pastor.
In 1956, Bro. Duniho became a missionary to Africa and Bob Mason was called as pastor.
In September 1957, under the ministry of Pastor Mason, the church moved to its present location at 1420 N. Thornton, and changed their name to Westbrook Baptist Church.  Pastor Mason resigned in 1962 and Fred Landess became pastor.
Pastor Landess resigned in 1966 and Jerry Byars was called in 1966 and remained till 1968.
Kenneth Heck was then called and remained pastor until July 23, 1972, at which time Stan White was called to be pastor.
Bro White’s  first Sunday was August 13, 1972.  Bro. White served as pastor for 32 years and retired in August of 2004. Furgus Tunnell was called as pastor and his first Sunday was September 12, 2004.


History of Pastors:

George Schoff        1952-1955

Tommy Duniho    1955-1956

Bob Mason            1956-1962

Fred Landess        1962-1966

Jerry Byars            1966-1968

Kenneth Heck      1968-1972

Stan White             1972-2004

Furgus Tunnell     2004-Present